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Takeit Solutions Best Branding Agency in Tirunelveli


Branding refers visual identity of a business, company, or individual. A brand identity can help it to stand out in the market and make the brand instantly recognizable and memorable for customers.

Building a brand is about building a reputation and increasing recognition for your company, establishing a set of values and unique identifiers. Many people hear the word “brand” and they think of global conglomerates like Apple, Google, or Pepsi – but smaller businesses can (and should) also develop a strong identity that resonates with their prospects and customers. As branding is very essential for every business, Takeit Solutions Tirunelveli pays special attention to build brand for start ups in Tirunelveli.

Takeit Solutions Branding Services in Tirunelveli

Prerequisite for Branding

Takeit Solutions Startup Branding in Tirunelveli

The start for branding is doing primary research and secondary research.
•    Primary research: The next stage is to carry out your own primary research, through channels such as focus groups, interviews, and online surveys. This will help you to find the minds of your potential customers and determine whether they would be open to trying your product.

•    Secondary research: This means referring secondary sources. For example, if you’re launching a news paper app – check out industry publications like area magazine, blogs related to news, and competitor websites. Get a general feel for the market landscape and existing tools.

Find Your Unique Value Proposition

Each and every brand will have its unique value proposition. This means that the reason why your audience should buy or use the product or services of yours. And differentiates the brand from its competitors. It can be summarized like below

   What your customer needs
   What you do really well
   What your competitor do really well

Takeit Solutions SME Branding in Tirunelveli

Brand Establishment

The below are the 10 key points to establish a brand. Regarding branding Takeit Solutions Tirunelveli, take the entire responsibility to establish end to end branding. Takeit Solutions takes the social responsibility of helping start ups and guide the establishment process.

1. Do complete market research about your target audience and competitors


It is very essential for all the business to do proper market research. It can be done in two ways. First it can be a primary research through meeting customers, survey etc. and post that secondary market research can be done using online platforms such as Google, yahoo etc. Also the related books can be referred


2. Choose your niche

Practically you can not cover all the customers. So need to find your niche and start focusing on the customer group

3. Select your business name

Another important part of branding is choosing unique business name. The name can be easy to write and pronounce. It must not mimic any other brand name

4. Select your website

Once the name is identified, the domain name should be purchased. It is always better to have .com domain name

5. Create your logo

The logo creation place a vital role in building a brand. The people will easily remember your logo if your brand is doing good.

6. Write your slogan

As like logo, slogan is also very important for the brand and its advertisement. The slogan can be in English or local language

7. Register your business

It is very important for the business owner to register the brand and the entity. There are various types of company registrations are available. Based on the need and requirement, Takeit Solutions will suggest the better type of company for its customers.

8. Hire experts

Single person can not manage the entire business. So it is very essential to hire people and experts to manage.

9. Market your product

Once the establishment is done, it is very important to spread the brand name and advertise along with the product. This will create impact and reach customers very quickly. Branding services offered by Takeit Solutions takes care of the complete digital marketing part and facilitate the reach

10. Maintain your brand

Finally maintaining your brand and company is also very important. All the customer comments and feedback should be addressed properly. The company’s financial report submission, tax filing should also be done without any stoppage


Takeit Solutions carefully analyse the need and requirement of the customers and help performing all the above steps without any struggle.

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