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Google My Business Profile

Is Google My Business and Google Business Profile same?

Yes, earlier it was called as Google My Business and now it is updated to Google Business Profile. So both are same.

Why Google Business Profile is important?

Now a days all the people are identifying the best products and services using Google only. Every day Google is updating them in all the niches. So everything can be easily located by using Google. With respect to location, Google map is so powerful. It will  easily and accurately locate all the places. So it is very important for all the business to keep their location available in Google Maps

Is Google My Business Profile Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to register and setup. But some effort is required to list your business in first page. So Takeit Solutions helps business to list in first page.

Why it is important to list in first page of Google Business Profile?

As per survey, people will approach or select the business only if it is in first three places. So if the business is listed in second or third page of search engine, people are not going to see or visit the company. So it is very much essential for all the business to list in first page.

How to rank first in Google Business Profile?

Spending enough time is very much required to improve the ranking in GMB. Proper analysis has to be done to start with. Then the appropriate key words need to be used to list your products and services. Frequent post is needed to bring your profile first. It is also required to upload the photos of your business location, your office interior, all your products and staffs etc. The photo should be in good quality and clear. Google AI will scan the photo and convert and match with search text.

Picture is very powerful than text. One picture will speak 1000 words.

Another important aspect is customers review. All the positive and negative review with key word and location will add value. It is also very important that the review should have been responded. So review handling also place a vital role in ranking.

Why Takeit Solutions is Google My Business Profile Expert?

Takeit Solutions always focus on organic way of listing their customers. So it uses all the features of Google My Business Profile effectively and list the customer profile first. It give importance to the local SEO part and use proper key word to list the business first in Google Search. 

The important thing to bring your profile first in Google is you need to update regularly. When you focus on your business, you may not find time to do so. So you can delegate the task to Google My Business experts so that it will be taken care. Takeit Solutions is the Google My business expert in Tirunelveli, Chennai, India. We provide listing services in affordable cost.

How to add my business to Google

It is very simple. You can create a gmail ID and use the same to log in to Google My Business Profile. Then you can give your business name, choose the correct category and provide the address details. Google will send a post card with pin to verify your address. Once verification is done, your profile will be listed in Google. Then you can add photos, office timings, other details etc. 

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