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Google My Business Profile Expert

How Business Profile is Managed in Google My Business Profile?

Takeit Solutions is Google my business service provider in Chennai, India. It is very important for all the business to manage their online presence. Now a days more than 70% of the customers are approaching business owners through phone calls. They are receiving numbers from Google search only. Mainly they find the near by business by doing open search in Google

So all the business must register them in Google through some experts. Takeit Solutions is the expert in Google My Business Profile Management.

How Google My Business Profile is managed?

There are many ways to manage the business profile. The below are the key pillars

1. All the information should be updated in Google profile page

2. Required photos should have been uploaded

3. Customer reviews are very important. All the positive and negative reviews should have been replied properly.

4. Offers and posts are needed very frequently.

5. Good quality videos and photo upload is very much required.

6. FAQ section should be updated regularly.

7. Chat from customer has to be responded immediately.

8. Local SEO and blog writing in local sites will help to improve the ranking.

9. Using proper Key Word in posts and blogs is also important.

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